Stacking YangTze kites.

Stacking YangTze kites is very easy. All that is needed is a loop around the front bridling point and a sufficient long and strong line to next kite above.

Prepare the stack lines for all kites except the kite in the bottom of the stack-to-be. The length of the stack line should be equal to the length of the tail plus 20 – 25 %. The extra length is to avoid tangling of the tail of an upper kite into the frame of a lower. The strength of the line should increase for each kite downwards. The top kite should have its normal line strength. Tie the upper end of the stack line to the kite bridle and tie a long loop with a strap in the other end.

The bottom end of the stack line with the extra strap for easier release.

Prepare a 40 – 50 cm long piece of strong line (100 – 200 kg).

Pull the ends of the line through the bridle holes on each side of the spine and tie a figure-of-eight knot to close the loop.

Pull the knot through the loop.

Attach the stack line from the kite above using a lark’s head.