About Andreas Ågren

Andreas Ågren 
(surname pronounced [aw-grehn])

I am not the Windman. But in the indigenous Saami religion there is a deity called Biegolmai, [Windman], and being a kite addict and a rather typical non-religious Swede I would choose Biegolmai, the windman of the Saami people, as god if I felt I needed one. Hence the choice of logo.


Quattro Stagioni

Growing up in a country with no kite tradition whatsoever I never flew a kite till I was 42 years old. I might have had a ‘Charlie Brown complex’ since Peanuts was my favorite strip ever since college time: Charlie Brown had never managed to keep a kite in the air.

In 1992 I was invited by the free spirited group Sala Kite & Tangosällskap (Sala Kite & Tango Party) to join them when they were going to Cervia kite festival. I accepted, and though Cervia was only a three day event at that time, what I saw in the air made me an instant kite addict.

The members of Sala Drak & Tangosällskap often made whimsical free constructions, and I willingly admit that this taught me from the beginning that there are actually no boundaries when making kites.

“Can it fly?” 

“We’ll see”

I am grateful for the company and inspiration of SD&TS and would like to especially point out Olle Nessle and and Benne Westerlind (who showed me the beauty of the single point tail free kite) for their encouragement and support.

In this spirit I would say that my single line kites are sometimes somewhat bizarre; many of them show a subtle sense of humor while others show nifty technical solutions.