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Single Singers

Single Singers was a barbershop group I founded in the early ’90s from some of the male members of Cameleontiska Kören (The Chameleontic Choir) that actually were single. We only sang songs that had the keywords ’lonely’, ’lonesome’ or ’longing’.

This performance, dated 1993, is at a birthday party for a friend, and Single Singers are as usual dressed up in their printed tuxedo T-shirts with enhanced shoulders and wearing boater hats.

After the closing number (which is a personal ad) we one by one took the hats off and revealed our names and telephone numbers at the bottom of the hat to the ladies in the audience.

It seemed to have worked because not much later the group dissolved due to some members leaving the single status.

Single Singers was the biggest quartet in city of Sala as we were five members:

Bass – Christer Cederlöf
Bass – Jan Eriksson
Lead – Erik Grönlund
Tenor – myself
Baritone – Torbjörn Jönson

Single Singers at Lottas’s Birthday Party April 1993
The lyrics

Alle jänter uti Västanå.

At Satun International Kite Festival 2016 there was a great farewell party with a stage program. The hard working MC invited the audience to do some karaoke, and as there was a bit of lull when no-one found a suitable song in the catalogue I thought I’d better step up and do an a capella thing.

I much later found out that Pitan Singhasaneh had video taped it.

Gee, I wish that I had a girl
Gee, I wish that I had a girl
like the other fellows had.
Someone to make a fuss over me,
to cheer me up when I feel sad.
On Wednesday night I’m all alone
when I ought to be up at some sweethearts home,
and I’m lonesome, awful lonesome.
Gee, I wish that I had a girl.
[Norman Brooks]

I Know What It Means To Be Lonesome
I know what it means to be lonesome
I know what it means to be blue
I know what it means to long in my dreams
For someone, for someone

I’ve cried and I’ve cried since we parted
There’s one knows what I have gone through
I’d give all that I own just to have you back home
I’m lonesome, lonesome for you…
[Ricky Skaggs]

DN / Kontakten
Man, 183/77 och förtitalist.
Välbyggd affärsman, god ekonomi
med segelbåt, stuga i fjällen.
Jag saknar dig kvinna; visst finns du?
En skärpt och självständig tjej,
Som klär sig i högklackat eller i jeans
Och gillar musik, friluftsliv, ett glas vin.
Så svara med foto till ’Singel i Sala’ – DNs Huvudkontor
[Andreas Ågren]