Packing up a YangTze kite.

Depending on when you will fly the YangTze next time there are several ways to pack up the kite: Temporary packing or definitive packing.

Temporary packing.

If you plan to fly the YangTze again on the same kite field quite soon, it is probably unnecessary to disassemble the frame and fold the tail in the careful way that is described for definite packing.

Instead the most simple thing is to keep the frame intact and simply roll up the long tail around the frame. When unrolled the tail should be put in front of the kite before launching it.

Definite packing: Packing up and put in bag.

The objective is to pack the kite so it is easy to assemble and launch at the next flying occasion. For this the tail should not be rolled up but folded up.

This sequence shows how the tail is folded up inside the head area, which is then rolled up to a neat package.


Release the tension string from the bungee knot on one wing spar. Pull out the plastic tube carefully from the spar, holding the plastic tube in one hand so that this spar does not spring away and throws away the plastic tube.

Open the joiner on boths sides.

Pull out the wing spars and remove the spine.

Flatten out the head and as much as possible of the tail and pull the bridle so it is outside the material.

Kneel down on the head and grab the tail in its whole width, as far as you can reach.

Fold the material onto the head.

First fold.

Continue to kneel down on the head, grabbing the tail in its whole width and fold.

Sometimes it is wise to put the knees on the previous folds.

Repeat until the whole tail is folded.

When the entire tail is folded it should be all on the head of the kite, between the front sleeves and the rear sleeves.

Secure the plastic tube for transport by pushing it firmly onto the spar.

Put the spars just inside the front sleeve and fold in the sides of the kite to the same length as the spars.

Starting at the spars roll the head with the tail inside to a neat roll.

Use the bridle to tie up the package.
Open up in the ends of the roll to release the spar ends so they don't accidentally push holes in the material.
Put the rolled up package in the kite bag.