YangTze – the kite with the river tail

The kite YangTze is licensed to Kaixuan kite factory in Weifang. It is not a shelf product, so all orders have to be manufactured. Below are the prices in US$ depending on tail length and number of colour fields (customized patterns should be discussed directly with Kaixuan):

Tail length1 colour field2 colour fields3 colour fields
15 m112.50120.00135.00
30 m247.50262.50285.00

Please contact Monica Lou by email for your order: monica@kaixuankite.cn

YangTze currently comes in two lengths: 15 and 30 m. It is a kite for medium to strong winds with a good wind range:

  • 15 m YangTze: 4 – 11 m/s,
  • 30 m YangTze: 3 – 9 m/s.

YangTze details

Tail lengthTail widthSpine lengthLongest cross sparApproximate weight
30 m1.5 m99 cm96 cm 2.5 kg
15 m 0.75 m59 cm55 cm0.65 kg

The YangTze is based on the Balinese Janggan.