Launching a YangTze kite

Launching a kite with a long tail requires a lot of care. There should be adequate space around and the tail should be well prepared. At the launch care must be taken so there is no other people in the immediate neighbourhood of the tail. Since YangTze is a derivate of the Balinese kite Janggan the same method for launching should preferably be used. The tail should be folded in zig-zag (as is described in the Packing-up description) just behind the kite so it unfolds neatly as the kite rises towards the sky. The tail should not be stretched out in its length behind the kite. If folding in zig-zag on the kite field feels too cumbersome the tail could be stretched out in front of the kite.

This video shows how well prepared a Janggan tail is before launch and how neatly it unfolds at launch.