The plans for workshop kites were intended for kite workshops with unexperienced school children. Most of the plans are on a single sheet, ready to be distributed to every workshop participant. Some of the workshop kites are variations of existing kite models.

The exception is Svein which is original and requires some experience in kite building.

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Single sheet plans

KitePDF for downloadingDescriptionDesign yearSuitable ageSize
BagBoxSimple box kite from plastic bag1994>8 years40 x 30 cm
FlyMeSelf portrait, based on Chinese 'half frame, half tail' kites1994>8 years40 x 150 cm
Double Diamond
Two pages: print out on both sides of sheet.

Train of two diamonds kites with integral tail from one flat plastic bag1994>10 years60 x 60 cm
Mårten's Bag Kite
Mårten's bagA keeled kite from a plastic bag, designed by Mårten Bondestam1994>10 years100 x 60 cm
Salida Sled
Salida Sled workshop plain plastic bag
Two pages: print out on both sides of sheet.

The template comes in two versions:
- one on a single page that should be enlarged by approximately 150%
to precisely fit on an A3 sheet
- one that is divided into two pages that should be glued together to a full size template.
Salida Sled Workshop templates
A pocket kite in one piece, plus optional bag and tail, from one plastic bag.1998>10 years30 x 30 cm


Multi sheets plans

KitePDF for downloadingDesignDescriptionSuitable ageSize
Only in Swedish

Svein - byggbeskrivning
2018Svein (2018) är en drake för verkstadsbyggande med något erfarna drakbyggare. Draken är baserad på vikingaskeppsdraken Sverker.>11 years70 x 70 cm

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