Website history

20 October 2019Construction started, using Flexia under Wordpress
14 December 2019Page "Kites for Connoisseurs " completed.
15 December 2019Page "Website history" added
Page "Merchandise/YangTze" added
3 January 2020Subsets of "Kites for Connoisseurs " added
20 January 2020Support pages for YangTze added
17 February 2020Single Singers added to Occasional Entertainer
20 February 2020Launched
3 March 2020Added support pages for YangTze.
24 April 2020Uploaded plan for Niëlje
15 May 2020Uploaded plan for HumbleBee.
25 February 2021Uploaded plan for YangTze 15 m.
1 March 2021Uploaded plan for YangTze 30 m
8 March 2021Uploaded updated plan for Salida Sled.
9 March 2021Uploaded plan for Workshop Salida Sled
14 April 2021Uploaded plan for Roebuck.
4 May 2021Uploaded plan for Nyoman Shimmy.
11 June 2021Uploaded plan for Ronbus 5-3
7 July 2021Uploaded plan for Fat Flat Rok.
31 August 2021Uploaded plan for ThorNado
12 SeptemberPrepared discussion forum for kite plans.
Not published yet.
22 November 2021Uploaded plan for WannaBees
4 December 2021Created galleries with with one picture per kite in groups of eight due to slow loading problem after update of Popup Anyting
5 December 2021Split original Kite for Connoisseurs table (41 rows, 5 columns) into sections of eight rows due to slow loading problem after update of Popup Anyting
6 December 2021Added two plans:
- After Kite
- High Tea