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[Sticky] Membership

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You can browse the forum without being a member of the forum, but if you want to be able to contribute to the forum, like Reply to a topic or Add a topic  you will be asked to login or to register. You register yourself with a Username and an email address. Then you will get a confirmation email with a link to set up a password. When this is done you can login, and at login you will be taken back to the forum.

Your profile contains information about you (your “account”) as well as some personal options related to using the forum. You can reach your profile page by clicking your Username in the top right corner of the screen ("Hi, [Username]" - see attached picture), and at the profile page you can change some default settings:

You can change your password, turn on keyboard shortcuts, change the colour scheme of your screens, and turn off the WYSIWYG (Visual) editor, among other things. You can change the colour scheme of the Toolbar which is displayed in the top of the screen. You can also select to hide the Toolbar, however this bar displays your logged in user name, and by clicking this you can access you profile page and also log out, so it is recommended that you keep the toolbar visible.

The site uses cookies, so normally you stay logged in even if you leave the site or close the browser. This is good enough if you only use your own device, but if you use a public computer it is best to use the log out facility under your Username in the upper right corner. 

Your Username cannot be changed, but you can use other fields to enter your real name or a nickname, and change which name to display on your posts.

Required fields are indicated; the rest are optional.

Remember to click the Update Profile button when you are finished and then click the browsers back button to return to the forum.

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